Art in the Valley Gala Event

Jess Medeiros

Meet one of our local artists that will be showcasing her work!

Born and raised Kingstonia, Jess's art follows her in all paths. Her art is all about creativity and figuring out how to achieve unique textures, designs and movements. Acrylic paint is her go to medium as she feels it creates more dimension to her art. Jess is a big fan of colour, the use of bold contrasting tones and soft swirled mixes is what defines Jess's pieces.

Art is where Jess finds peace. Jess is rarely found without her bag filled with her supplies, always ready for an impromptu painting or sketch. Her love for nature speaks volumes through her bold use of color and unique way of seeing objects. Jess has produced some of her most favorite pieces while being out of her comfort zone.

Jess's has an acute understanding of the struggles associated with mental health and it is an issue that is close to her heart. Jess is one of those artists that brings joy with her work and bubbly personality.