Art in the Valley Gala Event

Emelie Janes

Born in Ottawa and raised in Petawawa, Emelie is a local professional conceptual and illustration artist. Being raised in a small town Emelie found an outlet in reading, watching movies and playing videogames that immersed her in fantastical worlds at a young age. From here the passion to create whimsical creatures, characters and worlds started her in the art world. Picking up art mediums as a child, she gained a lot of her inspiration from the media she consumed and her older sister who is also an artist. 

Emelie attended Nipissing University in her early 20s in North Bay, Ontario where she graduated with a Fine Arts degree. Here she learned a lot from her peers and mentors about traditional techniques that she still uses today. Emelie works mostly with digital medium however she always finds herself coming back to inks and paints on canvas and boards. Although a character artist, Emelie has done design works for websites and a sign in Petawawa. Aside from art, Emelie is attending her last semester via online courses to become a Library and Information Technician.